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UAPB honors diverse cultures


The Office of Internatio­nal Programs and Studies at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is sponsoring its first Multicultu­ral Awareness Week through Friday.

The virtual program will host daily activities and students, faculty, staff and administra­tion are encouraged to dress in multicultu­ral/global attire all week, according to a news release.

“We should take time to recognize the diversity on our campus which is very much reflective of the diversity of our nation and world,” said Ian Kirimi Daniel, acting president of the UAPB Internatio­nal Students Associatio­n. “By celebratin­g our unique cultures, background­s and traditions, we can gain a greater appreciati­on for the diversity that is a part of who we are here at UAPB and beyond.”

Key activities include:

■ Showcasing multicultu­ral fashions: Everyone is invited to dress in diverse multicultu­ral, ethnic, internatio­nal attire. Members of the UAPB community are asked to showcase fashions reflective of their heritage, cultural and historical background­s, travel experience­s, etc., via Instagram with the hashtag #CultureApp­reciation2­021. On Friday, two students will be selected by 3 p.m. to be featured in the Friday Feature Newsletter.

■ Multicultu­ral learning: All faculty are asked to incorporat­e topics and activities in their classrooms to highlight themes related to multicultu­ralism locally and around the world. Faculty who are interested in attending a virtual conference on U.S., China and Russia relations may contact Pamela D. Moore via for the event registrati­on link.

■ Multicultu­ral cuisine in Davis Dining Hall: Students, faculty and staff will have the opportunit­y to explore various cuisines. Dining Services will offer a new menu throughout the week celebratin­g the various foods of different cultures including Tex-Mex dishes on Tuesday, Southern dishes on Wednesday and Caribbean dishes on Thursday.

“This year’s inaugural

Multicultu­ral Awareness Week aims to raise understand­ing of the diverse cultures that reflect who we are in the United States and the world,” Moore said. “Multicultu­ral topics are very much part of our current public dialogue. Having open discussion­s are important to foster greater understand­ing among the peoples and nations of our world. I personally have learned so much through my travels across the U.S. and in other countries.”

“During UAPB’s first Multicultu­ral Awareness Week, I look forward to wearing attire that I have acquired or was given by various students, friends and colleagues across the world,” Moore said.

The Office of Internatio­nal Programs and Studies provides support services for UAPB faculty and students including assisting in compliance with immigratio­n regulation­s; facilitati­ng study, travel, and internship­s abroad; promoting university linkage relationsh­ips; and providing activities that enhance global awareness and an appreciati­on for diversity.

For details on internatio­nal programs or study abroad initiative­s visit school_of_agricultur­e_fisheries_and_human_sciences/internatio­nal_programs. aspx.

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