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DEAR READERS: Have you ever deposited a check remotely? This capability has been around for over 10 years and has made banking more convenient and time saving. It’s a fairly easy process.

You endorse (sign) the back of the check like normal, then log into your bank’s online app. Take a clear picture of the check, front and back, enter the amount of the check and which account you’d like it deposited into, then the system will tell you if the check has been accepted and you’re done. Keep the check for a few days, just in case there’s a problem. There are rules, which can vary between institutio­ns, among them: You must have an email address and have an establishe­d account with the financial institutio­n for a period of time (usually 60 days or so). Some items are ineligible for remote deposit:

■ Checks not payable in U.S. dollars

■ Third-party checks

■ Money orders and travelers checks

■ Savings bonds

■ Cash

This process works with our discussion of electronic funds transfers … the future of banking.

P.S. Remote check deposit became law after the terrorist attacks of 2001 to prevent a disruption in banking if transporta­tion was shut down.

DEAR HELOISE: What’s the definition of a scam in legal terms?

— Nora W. in Washington

DEAR READER: A scam, simply put, is fraud. It’s purposeful deception, usually to extract money from someone.

And these scammers are profession­al and very good at this confidence game. Whether it’s a group of people striving to steal your wallet, where one person bumps into you at the grocery store to distract you and another reaches into your bag, or it’s part of the vast network of telephone and online fraud that’s out there, be aware.

Always have your guard up, and educate those who may not have experience or knowledge about this.

DEAR READERS: “Purse on the floor; money out the door” is an old proverb tied into feng shui (the energy between your surroundin­gs and you) with a pretty good message.

Money and all financial affairs should be held in high esteem and regard. Therefore, cash, credit cards, checks, etc., should be elevated and certainly not placed on the floor.

What is your favorite money-related proverb?

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