Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Abortion reporting

- — John Moritz

The House approved a bill Wednesday to require an abortion clinic to report a rape to law enforcemen­t officials if a patient attempts to abort a pregnancy resulting from the crime.

Senate Bill 463, by Sen. Blake Johnson, R-Corning, would add the reporting requiremen­t to sections of the code dealing with exemptions allowing abortions in cases of rape or incest.

The bill also would add requiremen­ts to inspection­s of abortion clinics by the Health Department.

The bill cleared the Senate last month. The 69-15 vote in the House on Thursday sent the bill to Gov. Asa Hutchinson over the objections of Democrats.

House Minority Leader Tippi McCullough, D-Little Rock, said the bill “disregards victims’ personal needs and desires at an especially vulnerable time” and would subject rape victims to additional trauma.

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