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100 YEARS AGO April 16, 1921

LESLIE — Marshall Sherridon, aged 22, who died early this morning in a Little Rock hospital from gunshot wounds, was shot Tuesday night about a mile north of Leslie by a moonshiner, according to local officers. Sherridon and Elza Sutterfiel­d, aged 19, are said to have attempted to force the moonshiner to give up a quantity of corn whiskey, when the latter opened fire with a revolver. Sutterfiel­d escaped injury, while Sherridon was fatally wounded.

50 YEARS AGO April 16, 1971

■ Charles T. Bernard of Earle, state Republican chairman, said Thursday that the state Republican Party might file a lawsuit to force the apportionm­ent of all General Assembly seats on the basis of single-member districts. There had been hints in recent days that the three-member Board of Apportionm­ent would adopt several multimembe­r districts in one house of the General Assembly to reduce the procedural problems in connection with elections. Members of the Board say they still are committed to the single-member district concept but that the election problems could force some modificati­on in one house.

25 YEARS AGO April 16, 1996

■ Nearly four months after the arena board gave tacit approval for a private firm to market skyboxes at the new arena, no leases have been signed. That’s because an agreement between the board and the River Arena Co. authorizin­g the nonprofit firm to lease skyboxes and collect private donations hasn’t been signed. Until there’s an agreement, the company is seeking people who may be interested in leasing skyboxes for the planned 18,000- to 20,000-seat arena on North Little Rock’s riverfront.

10 YEARS AGO April 16, 2011

DERMOTT — The Dermott School Board has chopped the high school football program, cheerleadi­ng for football and 13 jobs in an effort to regain control of district finances. On April 11, the Arkansas Board of Education classified the Dermott School District as “fiscally distressed” because of dwindling financial reserves that put the district in jeopardy of illegal deficit spending. Administra­tors said the cuts made at the School Board’s Thursday night meeting were necessary to level out district coffers. Board President Lexa McMickle called the decisions heart-wrenching.

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