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How to read the stock tables


1 — Name of stock.

2— Ticker Symbol company trades under.

3— Dividend: A distributi­on of the company’s earnings to shareholde­rs, usually consisting of stock dividends, interest on bonds, or short-term capital gains on the sale of securities usually paid quarterly in the form of cash or stock.

4— Div. Yield: The dividend divided by the stock price. It helps gauge how well the stock is paying, compared to other investment­s such as CDs, bonds or savings accounts.

5— Price to earnings ratio: The price of a stock divided by its earnings per share. PEs are used to gauge the relative worth of a company’ stock. When compared to other companies in the same industry, the companies with the lowest PEs are generally earning higher profits.

6— Range of closing prices in last year.

7— Sales in thousands (10 = 10,000 shares), and closing price.

8— Last trading price of the day.

9— Percent change for the year to date.

🔼🔽 Arrows, indicate new highs or lows. Underline: indicates top 100 stocks by volume rank.

Bold stocks designate which stocks have gone up or down 5% or more. .

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