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GFPB is in clear


Editor’s note: A statement from Go Forward’s Tommy May was sent to The Commercial in response to a request for comment for a story published Sunday about John Fenley and his complaints about Go Forward officials, but the statement was not received until Sunday. (Requests for comment were also sent to Ryan Watley, Go Forward CEO, and Mary Pringos, vice chair of Go Forward, but they did not respond.) The following is May’s response, presented as a letter to the editor: Editor, The Commercial: Sent on behalf of Tommy May, Chairman of Go Forward Pine Bluff in response to questions sent by Byron Tate on 9/22/23.

“On numerous occasions, Mr. John Fenley has initiated contact with Dr. Ryan Watley, Mary Pringos, and myself in a very aggressive manner, witnessed by law enforcemen­t and multiple citizens.

At no time has Dr. Watley, Ms. Pringos, myself, or any representa­tive of GFPB initiated aggressive, loud, or hostile behavior towards Mr. John Fenley or any other citizen. Go Forward Pine Bluff will continue to comply with all state and federal laws.

It is obvious that the Pine Bluff Commercial and Byron Tate as the editor continue to serve as a spokespers­on for John Fenley and all that are opposed to GFPB. Mr. Tate continues to look for every opportunit­y to criticize, chastise, and degrade an organizati­on that is making a difference in Pine Bluff, AR.

Mr. John Fenley has been abusive to all of us. It is unacceptab­le.

This is the final comment I will make on this matter as Chairman of Go Forward Pine Bluff.


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