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Some ar­ti­cles have sources listed within their pages. Ob­jects not listed may be out of pro­duc­tion, widely avail­able, or an­tique.

THE CABIN AT POINT REYES pp. 38–45 AR­CHI­TECT RON­ALD L. CASASSA, Mar­shall, CA: (415) 663-1539 SID­ING straight-edge panel in ‘Moun­tain Sage’ HARDIESHINGLE jame­ EN­TRY DOOR cus­tom MEN­DO­CINO DOORS men­do­cin­ PAINT bat­ten walls ‘Light Blue’, cab­i­nets ‘Cov­ing­ton Blue’ BEN­JAMIN MOORE ben­jam­in­moore .com FIRE­PLACE TILE PE­WABIC pe­wabic .org SCONCES ‘Cape Se­bas­tian’ RE­JU­VE­NA­TION re­ju­ve­na­

UL­TI­MATE TIM­BER pp. 48–55 DE­SIGN/BUILD TIM­BER­PEG tim­ber­peg .com STAINED GLASS Louis Michael Pulzetti, EM­MET’S HILL WOOD & GLASS, Al­ton Bay, NH: em­met­ LAND­SCAPE KERRY LEWIS LAND­SCAPE AR­CHI­TECTS, Newton, MA: FUR­NI­TURE STICK­LEY stick­ •BARN FUR­NI­TURE barn fur­ni­ture mart

.com (& by owner) LIGHT­ING ‘Glas­gow’ AR­ROYO CRAFTS­MAN ar­roy­ocrafts­man .com PAIN Text. shin­gle ‘Bri­ar­wood’ HC-175 BEN­JAMIN MOORE • ext. trim ‘Un­der­seas’ 6214 SHER­WIN-WIL­LIAMS sher­win–wil­ • int. walls ‘But­ter­milk’ 919 BEN­JAMIN MOORE TA­PES­TRIES TAPESTRY ART DE­SIGNS • HEIR­LOOM TA­PES­TRIES ta­pes­

GAR­DEN EDG­ING pp. 56–59 CAST IRON Bor­durette by TRADE-WINDS STONE (also scroll, Celtic, rope, faux bois, etc.) NEW ENG­LAND GAR­DEN OR­NA­MENTS ne­gar­den .com • (rope, scal­lop, faux/cultured) BRADSTONE BRICK OLD CAROLINA BRICK hand­made­ TILE CLAS­SIC TER­RA­COTTA CO. ter­ra­cotta SPIKES EDGETITE PROD­UCTS

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