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When it comes to work­ing out, there are as many meth­ods as per­son­al­ity types which is a great way to tar­get what makes you feel your best you. Hot yoga has been around a num­ber of stu­dios but time and again, we al­ways hear about the cool vibes of Y7 Stu­dio and with their re­cent launch of their new­est lo­ca­tion in Williamsburg, BK we knew we were go­ing to get a sig­nif­i­cant work­out here.

Y7 Stu­dio com­bines a vinyasa yoga (which is all about flow­ing and re­peat­ing move­ments in a fluid move­ment) with hip hop and beats that keep you fo­cused while sweat­ing your butt off in a can­dlelit stu­dio. It's dur­ing each move­ment, that you re­al­ize that your body can se­ri­ously push past its lim­its to stay in sync and that the moves be­come cen­tral to your core.

Y7 has a num­ber of lo­ca­tions that you can get your sweat on and those who at­tend the classes swear by their mantra of "A Tribe Called Sweat" and "We Flow Hard". Co-Founded by Sara Levey, Y7 has two kinds of classes which in­clude WeFlowHard™ which is a fast paced vinyasa class while Slow­burn goes deeper into your tis­sue and al­lows you to hold the poses for a longer pe­riod of time. Both al­low you to have a very suc­cess­ful sweat as you work out in their spe­cially in­frared rooms which make you feel like you have walked into a sauna but also en­sures that you will be drip­ping. Mu­sic for WeFlowHard™ fo­cuses on hip-hop and driv­ing beats while Slow­burn is more typ­i­cal of yoga mu­sic and is con­du­sive to the move­ments and vibe.

Al­though you can rent mats and tow­els, we sug­gest bring­ing your own as it's a good idea to have the mat that works best for you when you're do­ing the work­outs. We def­i­nitely sug­gest lay­ing a towel down on top of your mat as it def­i­nitely gets slip­pery.

Check your lo­ca­tion for full ameni­ties as all Y7 Stu­dios have re­fresh spa­ces, but Soho has a shower while the Wil-

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