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Just days af­ter the Su­per Bowl, we got some time on the cal­en­dar to talk with NFL Philadel­phia Ea­gles, Su­per Bowl LII Cham­pion, Bryan Bra­man! Com­ing off of so much ex­cite­ment play­ing a game that he loves while also tak­ing in the mo­ment of a great suc­cess, we were im­pressed by his hum­ble na­ture and his fo­cus on hard work, hav­ing a goal and be­ing a leader that his team­mates can con­nect with.

ATH­LEISURE MAG: We know that the last few days have been crazy for you and re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate you com­ing by to chat with us - how has it been know­ing that you're a Su­per Bowl Cham­pion?

BRYAN BRA­MAN: It's been crazy and I'm just tak­ing it all in right now!

AM: We have to ask, you have re­ally great hair and the per­fect man bun - you have to spill how you take care of it as a num­ber of read­ers were ask­ing us in prepa­ra­tion of this in­ter­view!

BB: I don't re­ally - it just grows. I don't re­ally trim it al­though re­cently I just cut the dead ends off. I don't use any spe­cial sham­poos. I have tried things that peo­ple have rec­om­mended, but noth­ing has re­ally stuck. Hon­estly, most of the time I don't brush it - I just woke up like that and get up and go. I shower, rinse it out real good and then go af­ter­wards.

I ac­tu­ally had an un­der­cut and so all of the sides and the back were a dif­fer­ent length and I wasn't able to pull it up. But now it's at a length that I can ac­tu­ally pull it up and it stays for a lit­tle bit and then it falls out. Hope­fully, those parts will grow out a lit­tle bit more. I didn't want to cut them off and the un­der­cut started get­ting jagged and crooked so I just stuck it out to grow it out.

AM: When did you know that you wanted to play foot­ball?

BB: A long time ago - I was prob­a­bly 6 or 7 years old. I knew I was go­ing to play in

the NFL when I was 13.

AM: What was your jour­ney to get to the Ea­gles?

BB: Start­ing from me en­ter­ing the NFL, I played for the Hous­ton Tex­ans for 3 years and my rookie deal was com­ing to an end and at that time, I was a re­stric­tive free agent so they owned all the rights to me and we just didn't agree on a con­tract and they ended up re­leas­ing me. From there, I was able to get in with Philly back in 2014. So I played with them in '14, '15, '16 and then sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion, they al­lowed my con­tract to ex­pire and from there I took some time off and then the New Or­leans Saints called and they let me play for 2 pre­sea­son games and they liked me and wanted to bring me back. But due to an in­jury that I sus­tained to my shoul­der, they didn't feel com­fort­able bring­ing me in. Philadel­phia ended up call­ing me a few weeks af­ter that and the rest is his­tory.

AM: That's ex­cit­ing, we're sure that was stress­ful when you were in be­tween teams, but then to come back to this team must have been great! The Philadel­phia Ea­gles is our Style Di­rec­tor's se­cond fa­vorite team as she is a ma­jor In­di­anapo­lis Colts fan since it's her home­town!

BB: Oh re­ally that's cool. How do you feel about Frank Re­ich (Su­per Bowl LII Of­fen­sive Co­or­di­na­tor for the Ea­gles who was just hired as the Head Coach for the In­di­anapo­lis Colts)?

AM: Re­ally good ac­tu­ally! It was a lit­tle weird when Josh McDaniels (Of­fen­sive Co­or­di­na­tor and Qu­ater­backs Coach for the New Eng­land Pa­tri­ots) was an­nounced as the coach for the Colts as it didn't seem to make sense and then of course within hours of the an­nounce­ment, he de­cided to stay.

BB: I thought it was strange that they pulled out. That took me by sur­prise. But Frank's a good guy though, I think he will do well! He'll be re­ally good for the team.

AM: We think so too and we're ex­cited to see what he does.

What do you think it is about your en­ergy that your team­mates em­brace you so much and that the fans do as well? Many times peo­ple know very spe­cific po­si­tions and those who are on Spe­cial Teams (the po­si­tion that he plays) are not al­ways as known - what makes you so mem­o­rable? Is it your hum­ble na­ture?

BB: I don't know if it's that or moreso the pas­sion that I play in the game. If you were to ask any­body, "Does Bryan love the game of foot­ball?" I'm sure that you would get a yes ev­ery­time. I just feel that the pas­sion and the love of the game is some­thing that has re­ally car­ried me and that you can see that in my play style and the way that I run on the field and the way that I try to hit peo­ple, the way that I pace on the side­line - I love it - I love the game.

AM: What are your work­outs like in the reg­u­lar sea­son ver­sus off sea­son?

BB: There's a dif­fer­ence be­tween build­ing strength and main­tain­ing strength. Off­sea­son lead­ing up to the sea­son, I re­ally just use as much of that time as pos­si­ble to get as strong, as fast and as phys­i­cal as pos­si­ble. Then dur­ing the sea­son, you just want to main­tain that.

The big­gest dif­fer­ence more or less, would be the weight, the in­ten­sity, the reg­u­lar­ity etc. So, lift­ing ev­ery­day in the off sea­son com­pared to lift­ing twice a week dur­ing the sea­son. Just try to keep that ex­tra off your body, the re­hab of mak­ing sure that the joints and the mus­cles are all fir­ing and work­ing prop­erly. Def­i­nitely in­ten­sity is the big­gest dif­fer­ence for reg­u­lar sea­son and off sea­son.

AM: What was your men­tal fo­cus like com­ing into the Cham­pi­onships and then tran­si­tion­ing into play­ing Su­per Bowl LII in terms of just hav­ing that mind­set to pre­pare for the game?

BB: For me, it was about not mak­ing it any­thing big­ger than it ac­tu­ally is.

AM: Wait - so you had no nerves when you walked out? It was just an­other game for you.

BB: Yeah. I mean you could feel the en­ergy and the big­gest thing was that for the amount of time, es­pe­cially for the Su­per Bowl, com­pared to a reg­u­lar sea­son game, the amount of time you spend pre-game and half time it's all ex­tended. So by the time you're at the end of the game, you're look­ing at an ex­tra hour and a half of time that's in there that you wouldn't have for a reg­u­lar game. You can re­ally get burned out dur­ing those times with your en­ergy or you peak too high too early or at the wrong time. It can throw your game off so I just re­mem­bered that whole time that I kept re­peat­ing to my­self, "take it easy - take it easy, you've got time - you've got time - you've got time." I just tried to keep as calm as pos­si­ble. I would think about it, take it all in, look at the sta­dium, see all the fans and ev­ery­thing that they did with it. It was in­cred­i­ble!

AM: It was such a good game!

So, you're a snappy dresser es­pe­cially when you're rock­ing suits. We've checked out your In­sta­gram - what's your per­sonal style and what are your fa­vorite brands?

BB: Thank you - I just have to see it on the hanger. If it's some­thing that I like and I can see it then it doesn't mat­ter about the brand. The fit ob­vi­ously when I put it on has to be right or I'm not wear­ing it. I'm not about beauty is pain. I want to be nice and com­fort­able and I feel like I look my best when I am. I don't re­ally have too many brands but I do like Al­berto for jeans. I like G-Star they're pretty savvy for me and I love their jeans. Be­ing a Swedish brand, they have taller lengths that just fits me right as I just can't walk into Macy's and find a pair of Levi's that fit you like that. Shirt wise, I wear a lot of v-necks - H&M Has a lot of the long line tees - Top­Man has this as well.

AM: What do you do in your per­sonal time?

BB: I spend time with my girls. I have two daugh­ters. I like firearms so I

worked as an ar­mor for a lit­tle while and have a nice lit­tle collection of ri­fles and hand­guns that I like to spend time with. I en­joy the fire range, hunt­ing, hog hunt - I'm an out­doorsy guy. I like to snow­board, fish - any­time out­side is some­thing that I like to do quite a bit.

AM: Are you catch­ing any of the Olympics that's go­ing on right now?

BB: So, fig­ure skat­ing has al­ways been my fa­vorite to watch. Back when Scott Hamil­ton was do­ing back flips - that's what got me. I mean this guys just did a back­flip on iceskates - NO WAY!!! I would be in my liv­ing room like, "gym­nas­tics on ice!" It was great and I was hooked ever since. It would just be some­thing that I would do with my mom.

We'd chan­nel surf and see ice skat­ing and watch it to­gether. One of the restau­rants we'd go to would have fig­ure skat­ing on and we'd catch it there. This year, I haven't watched it as in­tently as I'd usu­ally do.

AM: How do you give back in terms of char­i­ties and phi­lan­thropies that you are apart of?

BB: So I have a pretty in­ter­est­ing story. I feel like shar­ing that with peo­ple and be­ing able to let them know that it doesn't mat­ter how down you feel or out you feel - you have to keep push­ing and keep your eye on the prize. Never fal­ter as it's eas­ier to give up than to push for­ward. But the re­ward for push­ing for­ward will al­ways be greater then any risk! That's big time!

AM: Know­ing your back­story and how you came through this process to be where you are and to be so hum­ble and zen, you never know the turns that will come along but if you man­i­fest your re­al­ity - thats what's go­ing to hap­pen!

BB: Pre­dicted des­tiny - man­i­fest des­tiny!

We en­joyed Husq­varna Mo­tor­cy­cles' launch of their highly an­tic­i­pated new range of “real street” mo­tor­cy­cles to the North American mar­ket in NYC. The VITPILEN 401, VITPILEN 701, and SVARTPILEN 401 fea­ture new ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy for the world of mo­tor­cy­cling. In­spired by the min­i­mal sim­plic­ity of clas­sic Swedish de­sign, Husq­varna's new ur­ban mo­tor­cy­cles com­bine high qual­ity, state-of-the-art tech­nol­ogy and pro­gres­sive tech­nol­ogy to re­de­fine the mod­ern rid­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

Guests en­joyed pre­view­ing the three so­phis­ti­cated, ur­ban-styled mod­els to cel­e­brate Husq­varna's re­turn to street mo­tor­cy­cling. Has­sel­blad X1D cam­era demos were on hand for mo­tor­cy­cle pho­tog­ra­phy amidst the back­drop of Husq­varna's VR ex­pe­ri­ence, its 2018 fash­ion ac­ces­sories pre­view and a cock­tail party at­mos­phere at the Sky­light Mod­ern event space in Chelsea Gallery Dis­trict, NYC.

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