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We talk with the crew of the Emi­rates Air­lines on how we can nav­i­gate be­ing on first class flights on the air­line from pack­ing our bags, what we need for car­ryons and keep­ing our limbs loose in tran­sit!

This month we chat­ted with the Cabin Crew of Emi­rates Air­lines to find out some tips to keep in mind from pack­ing to be­ing ac­tive on­board. Their tips are worth not­ing when fly­ing first class do­mes­ti­cally and in­ter­na­tion­ally.


Keep a Goodie Bag

No mat­ter where you're headed, there are es­sen­tials you will al­ways need. While air­lines of­fer great on­board ameni­ties, keep a zi­ploc bag at the ready and sim­ply re­plen­ish the small bot­tles as needed. They sug­gest the re­cently up­dated The Ur­ban Trav­ellers col­lec­tion, which is com­prised of dif­fer­ent pouches in a va­ri­ety of sizes, styles and col­ors.

As­sem­ble a Cap­sule Col­lec­tion

Cre­ate out­fits and pieces that are eas­ily co­or­di­nated to cre­ate dif­fer­ent looks. Think ba­sics: black pants, white jeans, neu­tral t-shirts, jean jacket. Wear your bulki­est items on the plane to free up space in your lug­gage and keep you warm dur­ing travel.

Don't For­get State­ment Jew­elry

Bring a pair of state­ment ear­rings and ban­gles to add that pop of color.

Roll or Lay Flat?

The great de­bate! Roll your clothes to max­i­mize space, or lay them flat to min­i­mize creases. Fill suit­case gaps with socks, belts, in­ti­mates and hair tools to cre­ate a flat sur­face be­fore lay­ing down cloth­ing.

Pre­pare for the Plane

Your brain and body will al­ways thank you for a care­fully con­structed carry-on.

The Emi­rates' Cabin Crew rec­om­mends a few hy­drat­ing tools (lip balm, body lo­tion and mois­ture spray) to keep you feel­ing fresh while you're fly­ing the friendly skies.


The crew sug­gests a few ex­er­cises that you can do while you're trav­el­ing so that you can stay loose.

Feet Cir­cling

Cir­cle your feet at the an­kles.

>> 20 times each foot.

Bot­tom Lifts

Lift one but­tock off the seat, tight­en­ing the mus­cles on that side. Hold to the count of 5.

>> Re­peat each side 5 times.

Knee Presses Press the knees and thighs to­gether and tighten but­tock mus­cles. Hold to the count of 5.

>> Re­peat 5 times.

Foot Presses

Lift heels and press toes into the floor, then lift your toes and press heels into the floor.

>> Do this 10 times for each foot.

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