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Switch Play­ground came to NYC in fall of 2016 by way of ini­tially launch­ing in South Africa in 2014! Steve Uria, a long­time fit­ness en­tre­pre­neur and per­son­al­ity launched this fit­ness method which is fu­eled by a DJ play­ing as you go through a num­ber of cir­cuits in 2 minute in­cre­ments. One of our classes started with a quick yoga warmup and con­tin­ues with a mix­ture of TRX work­outs, tread­mills, medicine balls, tram­po­lines and of course, all done within a black­light set­ting! Al­though you work­out in­di­vid­u­ally, we found that we worked in groups of two and through a se­ries of hand sig­nals, we nav­i­gated the work­out to fig­ure out if we would do it again or mod­ify it within our 2 minute slot be­fore mov­ing into the next move­ment. With an ar­ray of in­struc­tors guid­ing you through this boot­camp style work­out, you're able to see oth­ers who are in your class do- ing moves that you will do later in your ses­sion, which con­sists of 20 sta­tions. You have 20 sec­onds to get from one sta­tion to the next one be­fore you start your 2 minute drills.

Those who do this work­out find that it is truly a to­tal body work­out and it con­sists of ply­o­met­rics, strength train­ing and car­dio. It's a chal­lenge that al­lows you to sync in with your in­struc­tors (which there tend to be around 10 that float through­out your ses­sion) and your part­ner as you con­tinue with the work­out.

Whether you take the class re­li­giously or just from time to time, the work­outs change from class to class so there is no way that you will be bored or be able to go on "au­topi­lot". It's all about in­ten­sity, in­ter­vals and of course - va­ri­ety.

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