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Three years af­ter the do­cuseries, Mak­ing a Mur­derer ap­peared on Net­flix (which fol­lowed Steven Avery and Bren­dan Dassey who are serv­ing life sen­tences for the mur­der of Teresa Hal­bach), Sea­son 2 drops this month. In th­ese 10 episodes, both men are still serv­ing their life sen­tences but this sea­son is a fol­lowup of ad­di­tional de­tails and re­port­ing that should give more con­text to this mid­west case.

Sea­son 1 of this True Crime do­cuseries fo­cused on the the­ory that both men were framed by a crooked po­lice sys­tem that planted ev­i­dence as well as cre­at­ing an en­vi­ro­ment to in­sti­gate a con­fes­sion from the men that they didn't mean to make. Since Sea­son 1, there have been ap­peals and in June, the Supreme Court de­cided not to hear Bren­dan's case - both are still in jail.

This sea­son fo­cuses on Steven's lawyer, Kath­leen Zell­ner and how she plans to fight the State of Wis­con­sin and how she is build­ing her

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