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If you have yet to watch The Last King­dom, we highly sug­gest that you start at the begin­ning and start binge­ing now over the Thanks­giv­ing hol­i­day!

We know that the main char­ac­ter, Uhtred saw that his fa­ther was killed and that the Saxon army was de­feated by troops that in­vaded. He was cap­tured by Dan­ish war­lord Earl Rag­nar and raised in a Dan­ish camp along­side a fel­low cap­tive, Brida - a sharp tongued girl.

Years later, Uhtred is a re­spected war­rior that has another tragedy that takes place when his home is pur­posely set on fire and kills his sur­ro­gate fam­ily, in­clud­ing Rag­nar. He is now alone with Brida by his side to avenge the death of this man as well as to reclaim his home­land.

The con­flict re­sides in whether he will choose be­tween his coun­try of birth or the peo­ple who raised him. He will have to learn how to nav­i­gate both as he is set on build­ing a na­tion. For those that are caught up on sea­son 1 and 2, there are great things ahead with the cur­rent sea­son and plenty of spec­u­la­tion on what the 4th sea­son could be.

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