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When it comes to take a men­tal break, there is some­thing about hav­ing a col­or­ing book for adults that is al­ways nearby, whether on your night­stand or in your tote bag.

In this col­or­ing book, you can en­joy cre­at­ing col­or­ful em­bel­lish­ments of an ar­ray of pic­tures from an­i­mals, man­dalas, flow­ers, pais­ley pat­terns, and so much more. The act of col­or­ing al­lows the cre­ator to fo­cus on some­thing be­sides their day to day work, re­duce their stress, fo­cus on their artis­tic plea­sures and add com­plex­i­ties to their work in the man­ner that they choose whether us­ing crayons, oil paints, color pen­cils or wa­ter col­ors.

We sug­gest tak­ing this on your next flight and col­lect­ing an ar­ray of her color books any time you need an el­e­ment of es­capism to re­con­nect your­self with what you are work­ing on.

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