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Ev­ery year is so un­pre­dictable. You have one plan and then it to­tally goes in an­other di­rec­tion and that’s the beauty of life when we learn that we are al­ways piv­ot­ing and it’s ok. I think I will be fo­cus­ing on hav­ing more bal­ance in my life which is some­thing that lots of women ac­tu­ally strug­gle with. Hav­ing two com­pa­nies, it’s very easy to be con­sumed with work and I think it’s so im­por­tant for us to pri­or­i­tize our­selves. We are our best ver­sion of our­selves when we are hon­or­ing the fact that we need to look after our­selves AND pro­vide self­care. I don’t think that I had as much bal­ance for my­self this year as I would like to have next year.

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