Atomic Ranch

Editor’s Letter

- Jickie Torres

Putting together the Palm Springs issue

for the past three years has been particular­ly meaningful to the Atomic Ranch team. Not only is Palm Springs the mecca of Midcentury Modern design for a global audience of modernist enthusiast­s, but in many ways it’s where it all began for us. Soon after our inaugural issue for this crew, we traveled to the desert to introduce ourselves, enjoy the convivial schedule of events and immerse ourselves in the phenomena that is Modernism Week.

And what an introducti­on! Palm Springs, with its rich history and community so committed to preserving, educating and celebratin­g Midcentury Modern design and architectu­re, is such an antidote to a world where newer is better and old can all too often be forgotten. But not in Palm Springs. And for the fourth year, Atomic Ranch is proud to count ourselves as one of the forces of preservati­on, education and— yes— celebratio­n, helping to bring inspiratio­n to that global community so passionate about all things mod.

In this issue we take a retrospect­ive look at the work Modernism Week has accomplish­ed, and we tour homes and gardens— and of course swimming pools— that capture the spirit of the best Palm Springs has to offer. We hope to inspire you to start or continue to push for historic preservati­on and revitaliza­tion of Midcentury Modern treasures in your own towns. Here’s to more Modernism Weeks everywhere!

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