Atomic Ranch

Perfect Proportion­s

You don’t need a large lot to get the modern garden look you love. These ideas pack big style into small containers.


Level Up

Don’t forget to mix up your levels for your small- space garden. Here a Japanese maple draws the eye up and to the cool modern fencing. A large potted hydrangea billows into the midline, and on the ground the staggered patio border is framed by hostas and ferns.

Define Your Zones

Even in a small city garden or condo courtyard you can create a lush and layered look by defining your spaces. Here in this garden, a small deck, a patch of grass and white gravel all delineate specific zones, adding depth and dimension to the space and making it feel bigger than it is.

Wow the Walls

You can add a verdant vibe to even the simplest of balconies by utilizing your walls. These wall- mounted pots allow more space to grow your greens and add graphic color that pops with interest.

Group It Together

A collection of small pots arranged together makes a much more impactful and tidy statement than if they were scattered about. This Scandinavi­an- style bookshelf ladder works nicely, but you can also source fantastic vintage MCM plant stands for a fun retro look.

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