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Issa Rae, Hong Chau, Eva Lon­go­ria, Brian Tyree Henry and John Leguizamo are among the stars lend­ing their voices to the fifth sea­son of Net­flix’s “BoJack Horse­man,” which pre­miered re­cently. We scoured the cred­its to bring you this rel­a­tively spoiler-free guide to the voices be­hind the show’s most vis­i­ble char­ac­ters.

BoJack Horse­man: Will Ar­nett, who voices the tit­u­lar char­ac­ter, is also one of the show’s ex­ec­u­tive pro­duc­ers.

But­ter­scotch Horse­man:

Ar­nett is also the voice of BoJack’s al­co­holic fa­ther, who has ap­peared in flash­backs.

Beatrice Horse­man: BoJack’s mother, a cold and ex­act­ing pres­ence in BoJack’s younger days, is voiced by Wendie Mal­ick.

Princess Car­olyn: Amy Sedaris is the voice of this pink Per­sian cat, who climbed up the tal­ent agency ranks and now man­ages some of Hol­ly­woo’s bright­est stars, in­clud­ing BoJack, her for­mer on-again, off-again boyfriend.

Todd Chavez: “Break­ing Bad” alum Aaron Paul is the voice be­hind BoJack’s close friend, who has be­come Hol­ly­woo’s res­i­dent couch surfer.

Diane Nguyen: Ali­son Brie is the voice of BoJack’s friend and bi­og­ra­pher, Diane.

The de­ci­sion to cast a white ac­tress as the Viet­namese-Amer­i­can Diane has fu­eled some con­tro­versy; cre­ator Raphael BobWaks­berg re­cently told Slate that he has re­grets about the cast­ing de­ci­sion and that it af­fected the sto­ry­telling in ear­lier sea­sons of

the show. A Diane-cen­tric episode this sea­son helps undo some of the dam­age.

Brie also voices a num­ber of other re­cur­ring char­ac­ters, in­clud­ing BoJack’s for­mer “Horsin’ Around” cast­mate Joelle, and Princess Car­olyn’s ex-boyfriend — we’re us­ing the term loosely — Vin­cent Adult­man, who, BoJack real­is­ti­cally posits, is three small chil­dren stacked to­gether in a trench­coat.

Mr. Peanut­but­ter: Paul F. Tomp­kins is the voice of Diane’s ex-hus­band, Mr. Peanut­but­ter, the lov­able yel­low lab who was BoJack’s sit­com ri­val back in the day. The co­me­dian also voices a host of mi­nor re­cur­ring char­ac­ters.

Dr. Indira: Issa Rae lends her voice to Hol­ly­woo ther­a­pist Dr. Indira in sea­son five. The “In­se­cure” star also hap­pens to be a fan of the show. “It’s so dark and so good,” she told the Los An­ge­les Times last year.

Mary-Beth: Co­me­dian Wanda Sykes is the voice of Dr. Indira’s wife, Mary-Beth, a cor­po­rate me­di­a­tor.

Pick­les: Hong Chau, who starred op­po­site Matt Da­mon in “Down­siz­ing,” is the voice be­hind Pick­les, the bull­dog wait­ress who cap­tures Mr. Peanut­but­ter’s eye in sea­son five.

Jes­sica Biel: As Mr. Peanut­but­ter’s sec­ond wife, “The Sin­ner” ac­tress-pro­ducer voices a hi­lar­i­ously ex­ag­ger­ated ver­sion of her­self.

Ka­t­rina: Lake Bell is the voice be­hind Mr. Peanut­but­ter’s first wife.

Margo Martin­dale: The Emmy win­ner, who voices a ver­sion of her­self, is usu­ally re­ferred to as “char­ac­ter ac­tress Margo Martin­dale” when­ever she pops up in BoJack’s uni­verse. Sea­son five is a bit dif­fer­ent, though.

Nun: Tony Award-win­ning ac­tress Au­dra McDon­ald plays a wise nun in an im­por­tant sea­son five episode.

What Time Is It Right Now CEO: “The Wire” alum Isiah Whit­lock Jr. pro­vides the com­mand­ing voice of the ex­ec­u­tive be­hind the net­work em­ploy­ing BoJack and, some­how, Todd.

Flip McVicker: Rami Malek, of “Mr. Ro­bot” fame, is the voice be­hind BoJack’s ar­ro­gant “Philbert” direc­tor.

Gina: Mean­while, BoJack’s “Philbert” co-star (and ca­sual hookup) is voiced by “Brook­lyn Nine-Nine” star Stephanie Beatriz.

Skinny Gina: Gina isn’t to be con­fused with Con­stance Zim­mer’s Skinny Gina, the whale who works at Whale World, a strip­per joint owned by BoJack’s for­mer “Horsin’ Around” cast­mate Ritchie (voiced by Fred Sav­age).

Sarah Lynn: Speak­ing of “Horsin’ Around,” BoJack’s on-screen daugh­ter, who met a tragic fate at the end of sea­son three, was voiced by Kris­ten Schaal.

Char­lotte Car­son: Olivia Wilde is the voice of this doe (as in, lit­er­ally, a fe­male deer), who was good friends with BoJack be­fore a dis­turb­ing in­ci­dent in­volv­ing her teenage daugh­ter.

Penny Car­son: “Broad City’s” Ilana Glazer lends her voice to Char­lotte’s daugh­ter.

Emily: Glazer’s “Broad City” part­ner-in-crime, Abbi Ja­cob­son, is the voice of Emily, Todd’s bestie and high school girl­friend.

Yolanda Bue­naven­tura: Natalie Mo­rales (of “Parks and Re­cre­ation” fame) is the voice be­hind one of Todd’s love in­ter­ests, Yolanda, an an­thro­po­mor­phic ax­olotl, who, like Todd, iden­ti­fies as asex­ual. She also voices Mindy, Yolanda’s twin sis­ter.

Mr. and Mrs. Bue­naven­tura: Un­like their daugh­ter, Yolanda’s par­ents — whom we meet, along with Mindy, in a bonkers sea­son five episode — are very into sex. Her fa­ther ( John Leguizamo) is the au­thor of sev­eral best­selling erotic nov­els, while her mother (Eva Lon­go­ria) is an adult-film star.

Ste­fani Stil­ton: Kimiko Glenn (“Or­ange Is the New Black”) is Diane’s con­tenthun­gry Girl Croosh ed­i­tor.

Ralph Stil­ton: Ste­fani’s brother, who used to date Princess Car­olyn, is voiced by “Law and Or­der: SVU” alum Raúl Es­parza.

Mikaela: Whoopi Gold­berg is the voice of the en­ter­pris­ing stork, an adop­tion case­worker who en­cour­ages Princess Car­olyn to pur­sue her dreams of adopt­ing a child.

Tracy: Jean Villepique (“Sharp Ob­jects”) lends her vo­cals to the blunt adop­tion case­worker as­signed to help Princess Car­olyn find a baby.

Sadie: Jaime Pressly (“My Name Is Earl”) is the voice be­hind this char­ac­ter who crosses paths with Princess Car­olyn in sea­son five.

Cutie Cutie Cup­cake: Amy Sedaris’ brother, David, lends his voice to Princess Car­olyn’s mother, whom we meet in sea­son five flash­backs.

Cooper Thomas Rogers Wal­lace Jr.: “At­lanta” star Brian Tyree Henry is the voice of Princess Car­olyn’s high school boyfriend.

Cooper Thomas Rogers Wal­lace Sr.: Cooper’s wealthy fa­ther is voiced by Daveed Diggs of “Hamil­ton” and “Black­ish” fame.

Hol­ly­hock Man­heimMannheim-Guer­rero-Robin­son-Zil­ber­schlag-HsungFonz­erelli-McQuack: Co­me­dian Aparna Nancherla is the voice be­hind this teenage horse with many sur­names who pops up mys­te­ri­ously in sea­son four and is re­vealed to be a ma­jor part of BoJack’s life.

Of­fi­cer Meow Meow Fuzzy­face: Hol­ly­woo’s obliv­i­ous cop is voiced by co­me­dian Cedric Yar­brough.

Dr. Allen Hu: Ken Jeong is the voice of this shady doc­tor, who resur­faces in sea­son five.

Vance Wag­goner: Bobby Can­navale is the voice of this prob­lem­atic ac­tor, who ap­pears in a sea­son five scene with Mark Feuer­stein, who plays him­self.

Tom Jumbo-Grumbo: As he proudly pro­claims in his Twit­ter bio, sports and po­lit­i­cal com­men­ta­tor Keith Ol­ber­mann de­liv­ers lines for this blue whale, an an­chor for … wait for it … MSNBSea.

Abel Ziegler and Ziggy Abler: Vet­eran co­me­di­ans Gabe Ka­plan and Richard Lewis lend their vo­cal cords to this writ­ing duo, who sur­face in sea­son five.

Ana Spaniko­pita: An­gela Bas­sett is be­hind this ruth­less pub­li­cist, who resur­faces in sea­son five.


Will Ar­nett is the voice of BoJack Horse­man.


Todd (Aaron Paul) in sea­son five of “BoJack Horse­man.”

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