Perry wor­ried about mar­ket, not Europe

Austin American-Statesman - - BALANCED VIEWS -

Re: Sept. 19 ar­ti­cle, “U.S. out to squeeze Rus­sian gas in Europe.”

Rick Perry’s ex­pres­sions of con­cern that de­pen­dence on Rus­sian nat­u­ral gas for 40 per­cent of its needs puts Europe at risk should not be con­fused with ac­tual con­cern.

If he felt such de­pen­dence put na­tions at risk, he’d be warn­ing Mex­ico, which im­ports 65 per­cent of its nat­u­ral gas from the U.S. As the tar­iffs re­cently slapped on Mex­i­can steel and alu­minum ex­ports in­di­cate, Mex­i­can and U.S. in­ter­ests do not al­ways co­in­cide.

Perry’s ac­tual con­cern is that Euro­peans will buy cheap Rus­sian gas rather than more ex­pen­sive im­ports from the U.S.


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