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THE TESLA SEMI truck in­tro­duced at the end of Novem­ber 2017 is by far the best-formed sin­gle ve­hi­cle the vi­sion­ary elec­tric-propul­sion car com­pany has an­nounced. The truck’s cab, with its cen­tral driv­ing po­si­tion like the 1947 Wimille pro­to­type and the McLaren F1, re­ally does look like the fu­ture is fi­nally here, and we hope it be­comes re­al­ity in a cou­ple years. There have been quite a few fu­tur­is­tic-look­ing trucks over time, es­pe­cially some by the rig­or­ously self-pro­mot­ing de­signer Luigi Colani a cou­ple decades back, but those were all show busi­ness and al­most no prac­ti­cal­ity. BMW de­signer Al­brecht Graf Go­ertz re­marked that the front over­hang of Colani’s semi trac­tor was enough to ex­clude it from city streets—it swept too much sur­face and in­truded on other peo­ple’s lanes. The Tesla truck, how­ever, ac­tu­ally makes sense.

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