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“VI­SION” HAS BEEN used in the names of a great many mod­els in the past year, sug­gest­ing the cre­ators have a per­cep­tion of the fu­ture. But when we see the word, we con­jure an im­age of two air­line pi­lots sit­ting in a cock­pit with hun­dreds of di­als, switches, levers, and but­tons, and one says to the other, “If we didn’t have so many in­stru­ments, we wouldn’t need in­stru­ments. We could see out.” This comes to mind when­ever we get in a car with ter­ri­ble rear­ward vis­i­bil­ity, and in the past year there have been en­tirely too many of them, from the su­perb Tesla Model X to a num­ber of Euro­pean econ­omy hatch­backs. If we dis­like some­thing about the ab­so­lutely ex­tra­or­di­nary per­for­mance car that is the Chevro­let Ca­maro, it’s sim­ply that you can’t see out—not just be­hind but also to the sides and even straight ahead. AM

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