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1. It feels all right, but the

mul­ti­ple straight sec­tions of the

rim are a lit­tle jar­ring to the eye.

2. Lots of con­trols on the wheel

spokes, con­ve­nient per­haps but

se­ri­ously unattrac­tive.

3. It’s amus­ing that elec­tronic

images of nonex­is­tent

me­chan­i­cal round di­als are still

the pre­ferred way to present

data. It would be good if

some­one would se­ri­ously study

how to present vi­tal in­for­ma­tion

… and no more than that.

4. Graph­ics in the cen­ter are

good, but they’re not re­ally


5. This curved line across the

en­tire panel, sweep­ing into the

door in­ner pan­els, is ex­tremely

grace­ful and agree­able to the

eye and to the touch.

6. The flow of wood grain

across the panel is in­ter­est­ing

and speaks highly of the way in

which the in­te­ri­ors are ex­e­cuted.

Ev­ery ex­am­ple we’ve seen, in

re­al­ity or in photos, is quite

beau­ti­ful and quite in­di­vid­ual.

7. The cen­tral con­sole is very

wide, nicely padded, and

fairly bor­ing vis­ually, nei­ther

el­e­gant, tech­ni­cal, nor in

any way in­spir­ing.

8. The soft-fin­ished metal

panel on the con­trols sec­tion

of the con­sole looks too

much like an econ­omy car

com­po­nent. Dis­ap­point­ing.

9. The ex­tended-length

lozenges elim­i­nate the

Chair­man Mao’s Jacket feel

of Bent­leys but are not what

one would hope for in a car

like this. I get no sense of

su­pe­rior ca­pa­bil­ity, as I do in

the far bet­ter ex­te­rior de­sign.

It’s OK but def­i­nitely not

great. Too bad.

10. Typ­i­cal Ger­man light­ing

con­trol: too low, too hard

to read. Best mem­o­rize the

func­tions, owner’s man­ual

in hand.

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