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1. This light switch/start-stop

panel is de­light­fully 19th cen­tury

in as­pect, com­pletely up to

date tech­no­log­i­cally, ab­so­lutely

per­fect for Rolls-Royce cars.

2. The se­vere sim­plic­ity of the

round ven­ti­la­tion out­lets …

3. … and their tra­di­tional “or­gan

stop” pull-out com­mand but­tons

is truly at home in this an­tique

fu­tur­is­tic en­vi­ron­ment.

4. The mas­sive hub and the

steer­ing wheel rim are not

con­cen­tric, as is the case with

many cars to­day, but here

both are at least per­fectly and

pre­cisely round, pure geo­met­ric

cir­cles. As they should be.

5. There are a lot of con­trols on

the wheel, but they are at least

log­i­cal. No more in­stru­ment light

rheo­stat con­trols hid­den inside

the glove box on the other side

of the car, as found in true-Brit

R-R/Bent­leys of old.

6. Very good, a park­ing brake

con­trol where it can be found by

the driver. More than quite good.

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