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1. Sorry, the tail­lights seem a bit small to me. They are nicely shaped and pro­por­tioned and are po­si­tioned into in­sets within an over­all in­set sec­tion.

2. More ev­i­dence that my sup­posed block model may have ex­isted af­ter all.

3. The black-painted gus­set ap­par­ently hold­ing up the trans­verse spoiler strip is a sur­prise, but it’s de­cently un­ob­tru­sive.

4. In this view, you get a clear sense of crisp­ness in the front fender pro­file.

5. These look like truck wheels. As they should; they are truck wheels, nice ones. 6. The in­curv­ing part of the door pan­els be­low this stamped crease re­duces the vis­ual mass of the body sides.

7. This whole lower rear cor­ner is a bit awk­ward, in that there is a black shelf com­ing off the tra­verse chrome strip, its tight cor­ner ra­dius pinches the out­let, and there is that grace­less pointed pointed in­ter­sec­tion of body color and un­der­body black. and

8. Not an aero­dy­namic dif­fuser, not a skid­plate, this broad trim piece is re­lieved in the cen­ter like the front sim­u­lated skid­plate.

9. I pre­sume this cut line is the bot­tom of the lift gate and that the panel be­low it is hinged just above the trans­verse chrome strip, folding down to the back to make a pic­nic plat­form. If not, that’s a re­ally high lift over for lug­gage. Ser­vants han­dle that ei­ther way. AM

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