Rear 3/4 View

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1. The sharp crease on the

front fender peak car­ries on

all the way past the end of

the roof glaz­ing.

2. The sub­tle hard line

gen­er­ated by the lead­ing

edge of the hole in the top

of the nose car­ries all the

way around the car.

3. The flu­id­ity of the glass

“hood” flow­ing up into the

wind­shield can be ap­pre­ci­ated

in this high rear view.

4. A par­tic­u­larly nice de­tail is

the small, flat band de­scribed

by the hard line on the nose

that is just a bit be­hind the

in­ter­sec­tion of the back­light

and the painted skin, mak­ing a

slight—very slight—break in

the fast­back pro­file.

5. de­fines pro­file 6. V-shaped space de­scribed The An­other be­low to cen­tral the full-width fea­ture by rea­son­ably break the the round-bot­tom oval spoiler oc­cu­pies from rear in­dent hard fast­back spoiler. edge, some line

above, ta­per­ing 7. The up­per and for­ward the edge dif­fuser and of down. the sur­face dif­fuser

panel bot­tom runs of the be­low body, the leav­ing nom­i­nal a

gap so the dif­fuser seems to be

com­pletely de­tached.

8. The side cove, very much like

that on 1956-62 Corvette C1

mod­els, has no trim out­lin­ing its

shape but does have a rib to catch

the light that runs from be­hind

the rear door cut into the big front

fender out­let just ahead of the door.

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