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1. Full-width wrap­around tail­lights are es­sen­tially a Detroit idea, but no Amer­i­can car ever had as sim­ple, straight­for­ward, and pleas­ing a de­sign so­lu­tion as this.

2. The added panel for the cen­ter high-mounted stop light is neat and un­ob­jec­tion­able.

3. No­tice how the rear fender sur­face flows smoothly back from the max­i­mum width es­tab­lished by the bulge over the rear wheels, mak­ing a broad shoul­der above and a clean high­light on the flank.

4. The steel door re­mains as orig­i­nal, but the sill projects out­ward a bit, with a small, tight radius at its top, which is ex­tended into the fender bulges as a char­ac­ter line, elon­gat­ing the body length vis­ually.

5. The hard hor­i­zon­tal line es­tab­lished with the paint break on the sill be­tween body color and black be­low wraps around the rear of the car, in­ter­rupted by the ex­haust cutouts.

6. The rub­ber bumper but­tresses are ef­fec­tive with­out be­ing overly awk­ward.

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