Porsche 904 GTS

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1. The air scoop just be­hind the door was pre­scient for mid-engine coupes, but the Olde Bri­tish hood strap seems a bit much, even as far back as this car goes.

2. Long head­light fair­ings were not the sleek ovals used by Ital­ian coach­builders but had a hard, straight in­ner line in­ter­sect­ing the

hood (which has no strap).

3. The car’s long nose looks ex­tremely sleek, but I sus­pect its pro­file, nearly sym­met­ri­cal, would have gen­er­ated a lot of front-end lift. But no one knew much about that when these cars were con­ceived.

4. This un­der­cut, run­ning all around the car and pro­vid­ing

a the visual hard body, ac­cent hor­i­zon­tal is a but hand­some da­tum seems for to have no re­la­tion­ship to the ac­tual tubu­lar chas­sis struc­ture, un­like later Can-Am race cars.

5. Stamped wheels, as used on 356s, were prob­a­bly steel, al­though al­loy stamp­ings might have ex­isted.

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