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1. To mod­ern eyes, this tidy lit­tle clus­ter of lamps is piti­fully in­ad­e­quate but is ap­plied neatly to the trun­k­lid right at the lower edge of … 2. ... the large rec­tan­gu­lar li­cense-plate re­cess, which was left off later evo­lu­tions of the ba­sic de­sign. 3. This bright trim piece flows in an ele­gant arc when viewed in pro­file, but there is a no­tice­able break at the front of the door. 4. Top and bot­tom of the door win­dow are par­al­lel to the ground plane, as are the bumper trims. 5. The body widens all the way to the bot­tom of the doors then turns un­der in a tight ra­dius. 6. There is no “al­most” to the front fen­der form. It is per­fect.

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