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Bill P., Phoenix, AZ

Where’s the radar? An ar­row lights up, point­ing ei­ther Ahead, to the side, or Be­hind. And, amaz­ingly, it’s never wrong.

Arnie R., At­lanta, GA

So easy to op­er­ate, a box with one knob. No need to poke around at full-arm’s reach for lit­tle but­tons the size of rice grains.

Glenna R., Dal­las, TX

Love the ar­rows! Where’s the radar? They tell me ev­ery time. A de­tec­tor with­out the ar­rows is like a car with­out head­lights. Chas S., Char­lotte, NC

Sit­u­a­tion Aware­ness you can trust. With the Radar Lo­ca­tor ar­row­ing to­ward threats, and the Bo­gey Counter telling how many threats you face, V1 makes de­fense easy.

Cal L., Tren­ton, NJ

I’ve owned my V1 since 2001, and I’ve had it up­graded twice. I trust the ar­rows to point out ev­ery radar trap. When I know where, I know how to de­fend.

Ed H., Las Ve­gas, NV

How can any­one not be smit­ten by the Ar­rows? Radar ahead needs a dif­fer­ent de­fense than radar be­hind. When I know where, I know what to do. When I put the threat be­hind me, the ar­rows con­firm it. With­out the ar­rows, you’re guess­ing.

Rob R., Sacra­mento, CA

This is the slam dunk best radar de­tec­tor. No data­bases to keep up­dat­ing, or other “fea­tures” I’ll never use. In­stead V1 tells me the im­por­tant stuff—the Bo­gey Counter tells you how many threats within range and the red ar­rows tell where they are.

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