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1. It’s very sub­tle, but the last part of the up­per tail turns up just a bit from the down­ward­slop­ing sur­face of the rear body.

2. This curve, start­ing at the aper­ture for the re­tract­ing rear-view cam­era, is a splen­did ges­tu­ral sweep that evokes long, mus­cu­lar shapes in fe­lines or hu­mans.

3. The up­per part of the wind­shield is elec­trochromic glass that can darken elec­tron­i­cally, thereby elim­i­nat­ing the clum­si­ness (and weight) of sun vi­sors.

4. The near half-round curve of the wind­shield base­line in plan view is even more ex­treme than that of the Lan­cia Stratos, thanks to the cen­tral po­si­tion­ing of the Speed­tail driver.

5. Slim head­lamps are tucked un­der the up­per lip of the front cor­ner in­lets, con­sid­er­ably smaller than those of McLaren’s 570S, just ver­ti­cal slots at the outer edges.

6. Yes, there is a front lid for ac­cess to one of the lug­gage spa­ces.

7. Very slightly pointed, the nose is al­most ex­actly a half cir­cle in plan view so the whole front end mim­ics a mod­u­lated dropof wa­ter, with only a lit­tle more fluid dy­namic re­sis­tance than that ideal shape.

8. The car­bon-fiber base­plate has a slight plan-view jog­gle where fins be­low the side air in­lets move out­ward from the base cir­cle.

9. A ver­ti­cal split­ter fin joins the base­plate and the painted body sec­tion, di­vert­ing in­com­ing air to­ward the lower outer brake cool­ing in­lets.

10. This an­hedral fin gives some side-view sub­stance to the painted part of the body and di­rects air to­ward the static sur­face of the front wheels ...

11. ... which clash vis­ually with the un­cov­ered 21-inch, 10-spoke forged rear wheels, hand­some as they are. And a few ounces are saved.

12. From its thinnest depth at about the mid­dle of the doors, the painted skin swells down­ward to fair the rear tires.

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