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1. The left-hand rearview screen is directed to the driver’s eye point.

2. Swirling pan­els of light­weight leather and “Ti­ta­nium De­po­si­tion” car­bon fiber, not to men­tion “Thin-Ply Tech­nol­ogy” car­bon fiber (McLaren’s cap­i­tal­iza­tion) high­light the cen­tral driv­ing po­si­tion and fo­cus the driver’s vi­sion to­ward in­fin­ity. Is that too dra­matic? Prob­a­bly not.

3. Maybe this means 200 kilo­me­ters per hour, only half the avail­able top speed.

4. Twin screens cover all ar­eas be­hind. Like a truck, there’s no back­light.

5. You still have to be able to pay tolls to­day, so these

small open­ing win­dows are nec­es­sary, but one day that, too, will be all elec­tronic.

6. The driver’s throne is a hand­some thin-struc­ture piece. The leather is tex­tured to make it easy to slide in from ei­ther side but also to hold you in place while driv­ing hard.

7. At first glance, the two pas­sen­ger seats are hard, thin slabs. But we guess they’re very com­fort­able, and each prob­a­bly costs

more than your daily driver.

8. Be­lieve it or not, spe­cially pre­pared light­weight leather serves as floor cov­er­ing.

9. This tex­tured panel pro­vides a pas­sen­ger footrest. AM

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