Atlantic Peak, CO

White River National Forest


Miles 4 (out and back) Drive from town 1 hour 30 minutes

The only problem with an outdoor Mecca like Colorado? In summer, the high country can be as busy as an REI holiday sale. That’s why locals avoid crowd magnets like Fourteener­s and target slightly lower peaks, like this Thirteener near Copper Mountain ski area. The approach passes through the remnants of Boston Mine, which thrived during the late 19th century. From there, the trek ascends 2,500 feet through willow thickets; at about mile 2, the trail peters out into a steep, unmarked climb. Pick the path of least resistance to reach the ridgeline and summit, where you can see 14,265-foot Quandry Peak one mountain to the south. Trailhead Mayflower Gulch Info

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 ??  ?? Atlantic Peak is goat country.
Atlantic Peak is goat country.

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