Use these tips and tricks from Wren Hudgins, a volunteer with the Puget Sound Mycologica­l Society, to gather mushrooms like a champignon.

- By Spencer Cox

Check the specific regulation­s where you’re visiting. There may be a quota or a permit required.

Carry two field guides— one specific to the region you’re visiting—to crossrefer­ence anything you fi nd. (Beginners should go with a more experience­d ’shroomer.) Never eat a mushroom you can’t positively identify.

Don’t gather in chemically treated areas or along the side of the road; mushrooms pick up toxins from their environmen­ts.

Use a foraging knife (like the N° 08 Mushroom Pocket Knife; $29, to cut the mushroom above the ground.

Pick only what you need, and don’t gather from over- harvested locations. Leave small and old mushrooms behind.

Carry your mushrooms in a container with mesh netting or holes on the bottom so they can breathe. (Otherwise you’ll come home with mushroom mush.)

 ??  ?? Porcini mushrooms
Porcini mushrooms

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