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Most re­ported soft tis­sue in­juries in­volve cuts, scrapes, burns, or blis­ters, but blis­ters are by far the most com­mon. BLIS­TERS È Pack Bandages, duct tape, mole­skin, an­tibi­otic oint­ment

È Pre­vent Break in footwear, keep feet dry (change socks af­ter ac­ci­den­tal sub­mer­sions or big sweats if nec­es­sary), and ad­dress hot spots im­me­di­ately. È Treat Ap­ply duct tape, med­i­cal tape, or Mole­skin to hot spots. Too late? 1. Clean bub­ble-ups with soap and wa­ter. 2. If you think it’ll burst in your boot, pop with a f lame-ster­il­ized nee­dle or knife. 3. Ap­ply an­tibi­otic oint­ment. Bandage with a donut-shaped piece of mole­skin. 4. Cover in tape.

CUTS & SCRAPES È Pack Bandages, gauze, an­tibi­otic oint­ment

È Pre­vent Cut away from your­self when prep­ping food or fire­wood, and store sharp ob­jects in your pack with care.

È Treat Flush grit from the wound with about a liter of wa­ter

(nip the cor­ner off a plas­tic bag, fill with wa­ter, and squeeze to cre­ate a jet). Got a bleeder? Af­ter clean­ing, hold gauze over the wound and ap­ply firm pres­sure. If the gauze soaks through, add more. When bleed­ing stops, bandage to hold the gauze in place.

BURNS È Pack Bandages, gauze, an­tibi­otic oint­ment

È Pre­vent Cook on a flat sur­face, and ar­range all in­gre­di­ents and uten­sils in a semi­cir­cle within arm’s reach to pre­vent ac­ci­den­tal knock-overs

È Treat Run cold wa­ter over the burn for 10 min­utes to cool, then clean, ap­ply an­tibi­otic oint­ment, and wrap with gauze. Evac­u­ate if you get a se­vere in­fec­tion— you’ll see lit­tle red lines trail­ing away from the in­jured area, a sign of in­flamed blood ves­sels. Plus, it’ll be painful to the touch.






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