Backpacker - - Skıll Set -

What En­gage your glutes and core to slowly lift and lower your body. Why Stretch the lower back to al­le­vi­ate pain caused by car­ry­ing a heavy pack.

SETS 3 DU­RA­TION 5 to 10 breaths REST 2 breaths

1 Lie on your back with your knees bent and shins ver­ti­cal. Heels should be hip­width apart. Let your arms rest by your sides.

2 Lift your lower back off the sleep­ing pad, keep­ing knees,

hips, and shoul­ders aligned. Hold for three breaths.

3 Lower slowly to the ground (try to vi­su­al­ize your back un­curl­ing one ver­te­bra at a time, start­ing at your neck). Re­peat.

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