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This month, crit­ters across the coun­try are scram­bling to get ready for the fourth sea­son. Na­ture is all about give and take, so no sur­prise these in­dus­tri­ous an­i­mals want to get in on the gig econ­omy.

★ Red Squir­rel Will bury any­thing for pine cones. No ques­tions asked! Quick worker. Very dis­creet. Contact me: 4.4-mile John Pond Trail, Adiron­dack Park, NY

★ Griz­zly Bear Sin­gle mom look­ing for some ex­tra fat for the win­ter. Good at dig­ging dens, lift­ing heavy ob­jects, and scar­ing peo­ple. Free quotes upon re­quest, just leave my cubs out of it. Contact me: 6.2-mile Pel­i­can Val­ley Trail, Yel­low­stone Na­tional Park, WY

★ Beaver I of­fer pro tree re­moval ser­vices, with a clean job guar­an­teed. I’m a per­fec­tion­ist—all I ask for in re­turn is that I get to keep the branches for a per­sonal con­struc­tion project. Contact me: 10-mile Chapel Loop, Beaver Basin Wilder­ness, MI

★ Pika I’m in a hoard­ing phase and look­ing to score some tall grasses. I run re­ally, re­ally fast, and I’m a great look­out if you need a scout, no judg­ment. Contact me: 6.8-mile Thun­der Lake Trail, Rocky Moun­tain Na­tional Park, CO

★ Great Basin Rat­tlesnake Seek­ing 30 room­mates for the win­ter. There are al­ready 107 of us, but we’re look­ing for a few more bod­ies to add some warmth to the den. Chill vibes only—we mostly sleep. Contact me: 12-mile Baker Lake Trail, Great Basin Na­tional Park, NV

★ Bi­son I’m mov­ing on to greener pas­tures, and I need to stock up for the jour­ney. Will plow snow from your drive­way this win­ter in re­turn for grass (OBO). Contact me: 20-mile Mary Moun­tain Trail, Yel­low­stone Na­tional Park, WY

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