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What A tra­di­tional push-down move­ment

Why De­velop tri­ceps for bet­ter scram­bling and bal­anced arm strength.

REPS 10 SETS 3 REST 30 sec­onds

1. In­stall the tri­ceps at­tach­ment (two balls con­nected with a rope or a V-shaped bar) on a ca­ble ma­chine and add a 10-pound plate.

2. Stand, with back straight and abs en­gaged, about 2 feet away from the ca­ble ma­chine with the at­tach­ment at eye level.

3. Grasp the at­tach­ment with both hands, keep­ing palms fac­ing in­ward, your arms bent, and your el­bows tight to your sides and slightly be­hind your ribs. You should feel ten­sion in the ca­ble through­out the en­tire work­out.

4. Push straight down to­ward the floor for two counts. Your arms will be ex­tended slightly in front of you, but keep your shoul­ders back and el­bows next to or slightly be­hind your ribs.

5. Hold for two counts, then re­lease slowly for two counts.

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