Ready to han­dle an all-day emer­gency? Take this quiz to find out.

Backpacker - - The Survival Issue -

1. It’s 104¡F, the sun’s di­rectly over­head, and you swear you’re see­ing the shim­mer of a mi­rage. Or is that your vi­sion fad­ing out? Your head’s pound­ing . . . oh, and, yep, you just passed out for a minute there. You:

(a) Pound your last liter. (b) Find some shade, sip, snack, and make a plan to find wa­ter. (c) Keep mov­ing; the map shows a blue-dot­ted line on route in a few miles.

An­swer: (b) You need to re­plen­ish wa­ter and elec­trolytes; have a salty snack with that liter, then look for a re­li­able wa­ter source on a map (dot­ted blue lines in­di­cate in­ter­mit­tent ones). If you can, rest in the shade un­til temps drop, then set out.

2. Your foot snags be­tween two rocks, and down you go. You hear a snap just as your leg ri­ots with shoot­ing pain. You’re not pos­i­tive, but it sure feels like your shin bone (or what­ever that’s called) is bro­ken. What’s your move?

(a) Ap­ply a splint. (b) Pop some ibupro­fen and hob­ble to the trail­head. (c) Try to con­firm that the leg is bro­ken.

An­swer: (a) Just as­sume the leg’s bro­ken. Pad the area with cloth­ing, and wrap a sleep­ing pad around the limb, in­clud­ing the joints both above and be­low the break. Tie it in place (en­sure good cir­cu­la­tion). Then wait for res­cue. No sup­plies or no one com­ing? Use a Y-shape stick as a crutch, pop that Vi­ta­min-I, grit those teeth, and start hik­ing.

3. You look up from your class 4 scram­ble and re­al­ize you’ve climbed your­self into a pickle: Go­ing up looks im­pos­si­ble. Climb­ing down to the broad ledge 15 feet be­low looks just as scary. You have some para­cord, and a storm’s com­ing. You:

(a) Go for the down climb. (b) Stay put and wait for res­cue. (c) Lower off a nearby rock or tree.

An­swer: (c) If there’s lit­tle chance of a deadly fall, tie a hand line to a rock that’s well at­tached to the moun­tain and that the rope won’t slip off the top of, or a tree that’s alive and at least 6 inches in di­am­e­ter and 5 feet tall. Wrap the rope around your an­chor three times and tie it off with a dou­ble fish­er­man’s knot. Add over­hand knots ev­ery few inches along the length of the rope to give it more grip. Face the cliff and lower down, hand-over-hand. (You’ll have to leave the rope be­hind; this is for emer­gen­cies only.)

For each in­cor­rect an­swer:

For each cor­rect an­swer:

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