Backpacker - - Play List The Experience - By Max Wil­son

WE’RE ALONE, but our soli­tude has been hard won. This morn­ing, we set off to thru-hike the range, start­ing on a well­marked trail that at­tracts Ari­zo­nans like hum­ming­birds to a prickly pear. The Su­per­sti­tions’ won­ders—Weaver’s Nee­dle, Bat­tle­ship Moun­tain, Geron­imo Head— lined the way, ush­er­ing us into La Barge Canyon. But there, we and the trail went our sep­a­rate ways, and our long as­cent through one of the least-vis­ited stretches of this wilder­ness be­gan. Now, our shins are blood­ied, our fin­gers ache, and our nerves are a lit­tle frayed. But as we sit be­neath a gi­ant sy­camore, dusk paints the canyon walls laven­der. It’s silent: We’re alone in the Su­per­sti­tions. Even­tu­ally, we’ll re­con­nect with the main drag and con­tinue to Charlebois Spring, a place for peo­ple who like their hikes a lit­tle less painful. We’ll see other folks, and they’ll give us funny looks when we emerge from La Barge bat­tered and bruised, but for now we’re alone. Com­pletely, bless­edly alone.

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