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OUR TAKE The syn­thetic-fill Mi­cro Puff im­pressed us last year with its high warmthto-weight ra­tio, and this year Patag­o­nia added a wa­ter­proof ny­lon shell to the Storm ver­sion, mak­ing it im­per­vi­ous to the el­e­ments. “It kept me warm and dry while I hiked in sop­ping con­di­tions above tree­line,” says one tester who used it to fend off a win­try mix on a 30°F day in New Hamp­shire’s White Moun­tains. Caveat: price.

THE DE­TAILS The jacket’s polyester fibers are strung to­gether in fil­a­ments that don’t shift around like blown-in in­su­la­tion, min­i­miz­ing cold spots and max­i­miz­ing warmth, even when wet. Down­side: The wa­ter­proof shell means the Storm has be­low-av­er­age breatha­bil­ity. The fully ad­justable hood ex­pands to fit over a hel­met, while an over­sized cut al­lows for lay­er­ing un­der­neath.

TRAIL CRED “I loved the wa­ter­proof, zip­pered ex­ter­nal pock­ets that sit just above my har­ness,” says one tester. “They’re large enough to stash my hat and bulkier gloves, and the mesh back­ing also pro­vides ven­ti­la­tion.” $499; 1 lb. 3 oz.; m’s XS-XXL, w’s XXS-XL; patag­o­

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