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What A sin­gle-leg static lunge

Why Boost quad strength and hip sta­bil­ity.

SETS 3 REPS 10 (each leg) REST 15 sec­onds

1. Bal­ance on your left leg and raise your right leg at a 90-de­gree an­gle (your thigh should be level with your hip).

2. Keep­ing your knee stacked over your toes and your weight on your left leg, bend at the knee and slowly ex­tend your right leg be­hind you un­til the ball of your foot touches the ground in a lunge po­si­tion. Keep your pelvis level (put your hands on your hips to de­tect droop­ing). Lunge deep enough that it’s chal­leng­ing but not shaky.

3. Ac­ti­vate your glutes to push your right leg up and for­ward to the start­ing po­si­tion.

4. Com­plete all three sets on one side be­fore switch­ing legs.

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