Hone Your Technique


Know the moves to make the most of squeezes, slots, and walls.


Push your feet against one side of the canyon, and your butt and arms against the other. Walk your limbs and scooch your bottom to wiggle upwards or downwards. Use this technique to avoid water in the canyon bottom or to navigate above sections that are too narrow to walk through.


Put your feet on opposite canyon walls. Push outwards, using your arms to balance, and using friction to stay secure, then simply walk while straddling the canyon walls. Stem to head upwards or forwards in narrower canyons where your legs can comfortabl­y brace against both sides, but walking is not an option.


Make a bridge with your body by pushing with your hands on one canyon wall and walking with your feet on the other side. Shuffle your hands and feet, keeping a bend at your hips to help relieve stress on your back. Use this technique to move across a water obstacle that’s too wide to stem, but narrow enough to span with your arms and legs.

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