De­signer Sarah Davis

Baltimore Sun Sunday - - GARDEN -

For eye-pleas­ing vi­gnettes: Choose plants with contrastin­g fo­liage and shapes and com­ple­men­tary col­ors. “But don’t use too many plants with con­flict­ing pat­terns or it can be con­fus­ing to the eye and look messy.”

Fave filler: “Ferns are el­e­gant and com­ple­ment heavy, big leaves with del­i­cate fronds.”

Her go-to pot­ting mix: Mir­a­cle-Gro with fer­til­izer.

Trop­i­cana Fever (shade)

Alo­ca­sia Polly (tall cen­ter) trop­i­cal house­plant with scal­loped ar­row­head or heart-shaped leaves.

Garten­meis­ter fuch­sia (cen­ter) with coral-red tubu­lar flow­ers that at­tract hum­ming­birds.

West­ern fern (fine-tex­tured filler).

New Guinea im­pa­tiens (mound­ing filler) with vivid red blooms.

Lemon Lime var­ie­gated maranta house­plant (spiller), also known as “prayer plant.”

Lysi­machia or Creep­ing Jenny (cas­cad­ing trailer).

Paint­ing in a Pot (shade)

Cal­a­dium (tall cen­ter) trop­i­cal heart-shaped leaves splashed with neon pink.

Rieger be­go­nia (mound­ing filler) with vi­brant pink re­peat­ing the cal­a­dium color.

Au­tumn fern (up­right arch­ing lacy-leafed filler).

An­gel vine (spiller).

De­signer Kelsey Ness

For eye-pleas­ing vi­gnettes: Pick plants you like, then start with the tallest in the mid­dle or back and work your way down by height. Mix dif­fer­ent fo­liage, such as a bronze leaf with a green leaf, to make it pop.

Fave filler: New pop­u­lar sun-lov­ing sun­pa­tiens, which come in a wide range of col­ors — from lilac pinks to bright or­ange.

Her go-to pot­ting mix: Lynde brand of peat moss, com­post and per­lite.

Trop­i­cal Get­away (sun)

Florida Red cordy­line house­plant (tall cen­ter) boasts showy pur­ple-red fo­liage to con­trast with green-fo­liage fillers.

Vista bi­color salvia (mound­ing filler) with red and white blooms.

Deep Rose sun­pa­tiens (mound­ing filler) with sharp-edged fo­liage; at­tracts hum­ming­birds.

Easy Wave Sil­ver petu­nias (mound­ing filler) re­peat pur­ple in cordy­line.

Me­zoo Trail­ing Red dorothean­thus or Livingston­e Daisy (mound­ing trailer) with suc­cu­lent var­ie­gated fo­liage ac­cented with red dime-sized flow­ers.

Triple Treat (shade)

Camilla di­ef­fen­bachia (tall cen­ter) trop­i­cal house­plant with var­ie­gated fo­liage that re­peats the green in the im­pa­tiens (note: can be poi­sonous — keep out of reach of chil­dren and pets).

Su­per Elfin Pink and Lip­stick im­pa­tiens (mound­ing filler).

Party Time Bur­gundy Lancer coleus (trailer) with dark pur­ple-red ser­rated leaves.


Trop­i­cana Fever, a shady con­tainer gar­den.


Trop­i­cal Get­away, a sunny con­tainer gar­den.

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