Adam DeVine talks ‘Ro­man­tic,’ friend­ship with Rebel Wil­son

Baltimore Sun - - ENTERTAINMENT - By Joseph V. Amodio

As ac­tor and co­me­dian Adam DeVine knows, there’s noth­ing like a conk on the head — or, in his case, get­ting hit by a ce­ment truck (for real) — to change your out­look on life.

So, for him, the premise of the new Rebel Wil­son film, “Isn’t It Ro­man­tic,” isn’t that far-fetched. The comedy stars Wil­son as a New York City ar­chi­tect (and cynic about love) who is knocked un­con­scious and awak­ens to dis­cover her life has be­come a ro­man­tic comedy, full of all the stereo­typ­i­cal el­e­ments of rom-coms. DeVine, who co-starred with Wil­son in two “Pitch Per­fect” films, plays her of­fice buddy and pos­si­ble love in­ter­est, along­side Liam Hemsworth as a hunky busi­ness­man and Priyanka Cho­pra as a model.

An Omaha, Neb., na­tive, DeVine, 35, spoke by phone from San Fran­cisco, where he’s film­ing an­other movie.

Q: So when it comes to ro­man­tic come­dies, are you for or against?

A: I’m “for.” I get very misty. I like a good ro­mance. I like to root for the un­der­dog. So I’m all for a good rom-com. It’s stuff you wish would hap­pen to you. Why can’t I have a meet-cute? I only have meet-dis­gust­ings.

Q: What’s it like get­ting to sing with Rebel again?

A: Rebel and I have such a his­tory with those “Pitch Per­fect” movies, so we clicked back into it. And Priyanka — she’s such a pro, with her Bol­ly­wood back­ground. It was re­ally fun watch­ing Liam be­cause he hadn’t had much ex­pe­ri­ence do­ing that. Watch­ing Liam be goofy, since he’s the coolest guy on earth, was re­ally awe­some.

Q: I hear you gave Rebel one of her first U.S. gigs — a guest shot on your Comedy Cen­tral se­ries, “Worka­holics,” in 2011.

A: I knew from the get-go Rebel was su­per funny. Then we did “Pitch Per­fect.” Now this. It seems she’s Tina Fey to my Amy Poehler. Or the other way around.

Q: So about that ce­ment truck, when you were 11 — are you sick of peo­ple ask­ing about it?

A: No. It’s my sym­pa­thy card. I was walk­ing. My friends were across the street. We were go­ing to a con­ve­nience store to get candy. My friend yells, “Come on,” and I took it as the coast was clear. He meant, “C’mon, I’m ex­cited to get candy.” I couldn’t see that side of the street, walked out and got hit by a ce­ment truck. I was in a coma for two weeks and couldn’t walk for al­most two years. I had to re­learn how to walk.

Q: You’re now shoot­ing a film about a guy ob­sessed with his cell­phone. Which begs the ques­tion: How ob­sessed are you with yours?

A: I didn’t re­ally no­tice it till I got that Ap­ple up­date say­ing how of­ten I use my phone. And I’m like, my God, I’m a mon­ster. You use it for GPS, to watch movies or TV, for In­sta­gram, to tweet. As much as I didn’t think I’m ad­dicted to my phone, I am. And other peo­ple are more ad­dicted. So I think the movie is pretty timely. And it’s re­ally funny.”

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Adam DeVine and Rebel Wil­son co-star in “Isn’t It Ro­man­tic.”

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