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GBC: This is what we need from the next mayor


Baltimore City is at a crossroads. The upcoming election for mayor provides an excellent opportunit­y for Baltimore to turn the corner with bold leadership.

While the Greater Baltimore Committee does not endorse or financiall­y support candidates for public office, we strongly believe that there are certain qualities that the next mayor of Baltimore must possess to effectivel­y lead the city in the midst of these uncertain times and unpreceden­ted challenges.

The next mayor of Baltimore must be: A strong, transforma­tional leader who exerts the consistent, steady direction needed to create a culture of competence, efficiency and transparen­cy within city government.

Aperson of indisputab­le integrity with the resolve to hold all elected and appointed officials in Baltimore to the highest ethical standards.

A collaborat­ive leader who forges strong working relationsh­ips with the City Council and other elected leaders at the local, state and national level.

A true public servant who is committed to improving the quality of life of all city residents — regardless of neighborho­od or zip code.

A forward-thinking leader who will advance an inclusive economic growth strategy to reverse the effects of racial inequity that has left many residents and neighborho­ods behind.

A visionary who can set clearly communicat­ed goals for the city and implement the policies and programs necessary to achieve those goals.

A customer service-minded leader who appreciate­s the important role that the private sector has on the city’s economic growth and prosperity and creates a culture within city government that is supportive of businesses’ need for a sense of urgency, transparen­cy and integrity.

A trusted communicat­or who will be fully transparen­t and will seek guidance from residents, communitie­s, and businesses about their needs and priorities.

By electing a candidate with these characteri­stics, Baltimore City will benefit from a mayor who will not merely lead Baltimore, but dramatical­ly transform the city for the betterment of current residents and the generation­s that follow.

Donald C. Fry

The writer is president and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee; he is writing on behalf of the GBC’s Board of Directors.

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