Baltimore Sun

Hogan isn’t alone in decrying Biden’s handling of Afghanista­n exit

- William T. Define, Luthervill­e

I just finished reading Dan Rodricks’ piece, “Hogan, auditionin­g for president, slams Biden even before the smoke clears” (Aug. 27). I don’t know where Dan has been hiding for the past week, but Gov. Larry Hogan is hardly a voice crying in the wilderness when it comes to criticizin­g President Biden’s “plan” for the troop withdrawal from Afghanista­n. In fact, the criticism has come from both sides of the aisle. I have yet to read a piece from anyone praising the way in which the withdrawal has been executed.

Mr. Rodricks clearly does not like our governor or anyone else who might identify as a Republican. That is his right. But singling out Governor Hogan for saying that our withdrawal from Afghanista­n has been a catastroph­ic failure demonstrat­es only that Mr. Rodricks has not been paying close attention to the news over the past week.

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