Baltimore Sun

Any state surplus ought to be refunded

- David Griggs, Columbia

The recent announceme­nt that Maryland has a $2.5 billion surplus in its state budget is good news to Maryland taxpayers (“Gov. Hogan pitches rainy day savings and tax cuts with Maryland’s $2.5 billion budget surplus,” Oct. 7). What I do not understand is the controvers­y about how to use this surplus.

There is some sense to saving a portion in the “rainy day fund” for unforeseen expenditur­es in the future. But the most appropriat­e response to this surplus is to refund it to the citizens of our state.

If it was evenly distribute­d to residents, it would provide over $400 to each adult and child. Let the people decide how to spend our money. The Democratic and Republican duopoly shouldn’t be trusted with more money to use unwisely.

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