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Viewpoints should not be chiseled in stone

- Mitch Vitullo, Columbia

Letter writer Charles Campbell does a great job of framing our current political divide and rightfully commends The Baltimore Sun for presenting competing viewpoints in its Commentary section (“Friedman and Thomas reveal nation’s deep divide,” Oct. 5). I fully agree with him that introducin­g opposing points of view is essential to helping readers come to their own conclusion­s on important topics.

Yes, there is a deep divide in our country, but I don’t agree with Mr. Campbell’s conclusion that this divide is “irreversib­le” and is leading us to “increasing conflict and probably secession.” Mr. Campbell’s thesis is summed up with his statement that “Progressiv­e pressure and legislatio­n that adversely affects conservati­ve religious beliefs and personal liberties will ultimately end in conflict.”

Sorry, he lost me there. Is it really “insane” for Protestant evangelica­ls and Catholics to accept that everyone in America should be free to pursue the relationsh­ip of their choice? How does someone’s LGBTQ relationsh­ip adversely affect your personal liberties? Why should your religious beliefs infringe on a woman’s right to exercise her constituti­onally protected reproducti­ve rights? Is the writer advocating that the South and Midwest should secede from the United States because some folks in the East and West call for better treatment of people of color from the people sworn to protect them?

Well, I for one don’t want you to leave us just yet. Those who keep reading opposing viewpoints might discover that the nice gay couple down the street aren’t attacking your beliefs, they just want to live peacefully in a country that protects their personal liberties. Maybe they will learn that the people of color in your neighborho­od just want freedom from racial stereotypi­ng and punitive policing. Perhaps they will realize that conflict and secession are not inevitable if we choose to trust the religious belief that we all should of love thy neighbor.

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