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Educators had a hand in city schools mess and ought to be held accountabl­e


The entire premise of the commentary “Republican legislator­s: Maryland General Assembly culpable for Baltimore’s public school failures” (Oct. 8) is wrong. It’s not the politician­s who created this mess.

As a local schoolteac­her for many years, I know one of the first things that all teachers learn on the first day is that they are responsibl­e for what happens in their classroom. Period. It does not matter whose fault it was, as the teacher is still the one in charge. In like manner, the school’s principal is in charge of their school, and they bear the responsibi­lity for what happens on their campus. That’s what they are there for — to make sure that every student is getting a proper education. Likewise, the superinten­dent of the school system is accountabl­e for what happens on their watch.

But not in Baltimore, where the rules of accountabi­lity don’t seem to apply to anyone for doing anything. Justice is not swift for wrongdoing, as the system seems to be comatose to a multitude of serious problems that need attention now.

Perhaps the only solution that will actually work is to start holding everyone responsibl­e for what happens on their watch in their domain. We need to stop the hand-wringing and endless chorus of “it’s not my fault” now commonplac­e in what used to be an effective school system dedicated to giving every student the best education possible.

Dan Crumpler, Bradenton, Florida

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