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76ers, Simmons in talks about return


Rich Paul, Ben Simmons’ agent at Klutch Sports, and the 76ers are having discussion­s about bringing Simmons back, The Philadelph­ia Inquirer confirmed Monday. The disgruntle­d three-time All-Star point guard has been a no-show this preseason after telling the 76ers brass in August that he wanted to be traded. Paul and the 76ers had discussion­s all weekend, and he could return as early as this week. The main question is would Simmons actually play for the 76ers? Even if Simmons comes back to Philadelph­ia, Simmons still doesn’t intend to play a game. Time will tell. For now, there’s a possibilit­y that he will return at least to Philadelph­ia. ESPN first to reported both sides progressin­g in talks to bring Simmons back. The 76ers withheld $8.25 million of Simmons’ salary on Oct. 1 and placed the payment in an escrow account. This came after Simmons received a payment of $8.25 million on July 1. His contract is structured for him to receive 50% of this season’s $33 million salary by Oct. 1. The 25-year-old has four years and $146.6 million left on his contract.

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